Breaking: Taylor Hall may be done in New Jersey.

Taylor Hall may be done with the Devils.

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This may be the biggest bombshell of the National Hockey League's offseason thus far. 

In a shocking report on Monday morning The Fourth Period's David Pagnotta has just revealed that superstar forward Taylor Hall may be done as a member of the New Jersey Devils. Now it may be premature to suggest that Hall will be traded prior to the start of the 2019 - 2020 National Hockey League regular season, but it certainly sounds like Hall will not finish the season as a member of the Devils and furthermore it sounds like his long term future will lay elsewhere as well.

According to Pagnotta the New Jersey Devils are putting on the full court press in an effort to work out a contract extension with Taylor Hall, an extension he would be eligible to sign on July 1st, but it sounds like their efforts may all be in vain. That is because Pagnotta is also reporting that his sources have informed him that Taylor Hall and his management have no intention of signing a new deal with the New Jersey Devils. 

From The Fourth Period:

As the Devils try to convince the 2018 NHL MVP Taylor Hall to sign a long-term extension with the organization, multiple well-placed sources have told TFP the 27-year-old, as of now, is not interested in signing a new deal with the club.

Devils GM Ray Shero has had an open dialogue with Hall’s agent, Darren Ferris, but it appears that for the time being, an extension is not in the cards.

Darren Ferris is of course also the agent that is currently representing forward Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and if the rumors surrounding those talks are to be believed it sounds like Ferris has instructed his client to test the free agent period. Unlike Marner however Hall will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of his current NHL contract and that puts significantly more pressure on the Devils should they be unable to work out a contract extension. Pagnotta reached out to Ferris regarding the information he obtained from his sources, but the agent gave a textbook public relations response.

“Ray and I communicate regularly and to respect the process I am unable to provide you with any details,” Ferris told The Fourth Period via text message.

When you consider that the NHL draft is just a few days away one has to wonder if Shero will be comfortable entering the 2019 -2020 NHL regular season without Hall under contract. You would almost certainly get more value for a trade this summer than you would at the trade deadline, and working out a potential sign and trade would only truly be realistic during the summer months. 

Hall has no trade protection so the silver lining for the Devils here is that when they inevitably trade him they will be able to take the best offer regardless of where it emanates from.