Breaking: Team reportedly willing to trade promising young goaltender.

This could be big news for several teams.

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There are some big time rumors gloating around after comments from on of hockey's top insiders.

According to a report from TSN's Bob McKenzie, the Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly willing to trade goaltender Mike Condon, who they recently acquired from the Montreal Canadiens.

It makes a lot of sense, the Penguins acquired Condon when Matt Murray was dealing with an injury, and now that he is healthy and in the line up, there is very little need for a player like Condon with a tandem of Murray and Marc-Andre Fleury.

With the current epidemic of goaltending injuries in the NHL there is little doubt that there will be interest and the severity of some of those injuries, particularly in Los Angeles and Boston could give a hint as to where those talks may be leading to.

More to come.