Breaking: Top NHL official headed to Quebec City's new arena.

Big time rumors coming out of Quebec City.

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There is some very interesting and very curious news coming out of Quebec City.

According to a report from Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports, for the first time since the construction of the Centre Videotron a high-ranking member of the National Hockey League will be on site at the arena, and it will be none other than deputy commissioner Bill Daly.

We have no idea what this means, or why Daly is currently on his way to Quebec City, what we do know is this is of course extremely interesting to any and all hockey fans who want to see the Nordiques return to the NHL.

Obviously whenever Quebec City is mentioned the first though on everyone's mind will be a potential expansion team or even a possible relocation, I'm looking at you Carolina, and that's likely the type of rumors we can expect to hear flying around today after this reveal.

We will continue to monitor this development and will report on it when more information is available.