Breaking: Top pick in the draft has had major surgery, will miss training camp.

This may be why he dropped in the draft.

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A major announcement from a National Hockey League team is likely to leave their fans floored. 

On Friday, the Philadelphia Flyers revealed that #2 overall pick in the draft Nolan Patrick has had yet another major surgery and according to a report from Chris Ryan of, Nolan will now be forced to miss training camp.

The surgery reportedly took place early this month and, based on the timetable provided by the Flyers, Ryan now believes that Nolan will be out for an additional 2-4 weeks as he recovers from the surgery. 

Nolan's stock dropped this season resulting in him losing the #1 spot in the draft, something he had been projected to claim for years, and many believed it was largely due to injury. 

Yet another major injury for Patrick would certainly explain why the Devils passed on him and has to be of great concern for Flyers' fans.