Breaking: Turris' wife humiliates NHL GM after he implies her husband lied.


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On Wednesday Nashville Predators forward Kyle Turris sparked a huge controversy when he stated rather plainly that he was traded based on a decision made by the owner of the Ottawa Senators, Eugene Melnyk, rather than one from general manager Pierre Dorion.

The comments were brought up later in the day during an unexpected press conference from Dorion, and he responded by flatly denying the accusations from Turris.

"Everything in the hockey department goes thru me -- not Mr. Melnyk," said Dorion.

Those comments were reported on social media by Ottawa Senators reporter Ian Mendes of TSN, and it wasn't long before the wife of Kyle Turris, Julie Turris, shut down the denial from Dorion. 

Julie responded simply with "lol," and left it at that, but the fact that was more than enough to reveal exactly what she thinks of Dorion's denial. Fans in Ottawa familiar with Eugene Melnyk will have no problem believing Turris' story, and he has received far more support from fans in Ottawa for speaking out than the team has.