Breaking: Very curious details about McDavid contract negotiations.

This is very, very interesting.

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There have been a ton of rumors surrounding the contract negotiations between the Edmonton Oilers, and superstar forward Connor McDavid, but this may be the most interesting detail to leak thus far. 

TSN insider Pierre LeBrun is now reporting that McDavid was initially looking for a short-term deal, something that raises all kinds of very obvious questions.

"The McDavid camp actually began the negotiation - this is what I was told - wanting a five-year deal, not an eight-year deal,"  said LeBrun as per Nichols on Hockey.

The first question is of course, does McDavid plan on only having a limited stay as a member of the Edmonton Oilers? Another reveal from LeBrun would appear to support that hypothesis. 

"But it's the Oilers that really pressed for eight years, and that's why the average annual value is higher."

Normally it's the player who wants a long-term deal for more security, and as a result the average annual value drops because the player will earn more over the course of his contract. However, in this scenario McDavid is asking for more money per season in exchnage for guaranteeing a longer stay as a member of the Oilers, barring any trades of course.

Of course this could all be merely a negotiating ploy from McDavid's representatives in order to maximize a return on his contract, but it certainly has to raise some eyebrows among the Oilers fan base.