Breaking: Veteran of 800+ NHL games announces retirement

The fan favorite rides off into the sunset with a touching farewell in The Players’ Tribune.

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Veteran of 15 seasons and 877 NHL games Vern Fiddler has announced his retirement from professional hockey. The 37-year-old Fiddler bookended his career this past spring with the Nashville Predators, the team that first gave him a chance back in 2002. 

And Fiddler is going out in a way that’s all his own. In an article for The Players’ Tribune earlier today, Fiddler pokes fun at himself and wonders aloud how he, a player with marginal talent and skill, was able to make such a long and prosperous career for himself. In his own words: “I know, I know. I really thought I was going to play longer than Jagr, too. But here we are.”

Fiddler had stints with the Preds, Arizona Coyotes, Dallas Stars and New Jersey Devils throughout his career, but he admits that his heart is in Texas. 

"The relationship I have with the team and city is why Dallas will continue to be our home. I’m excited to get to know the area even more."

Fiddler also shares the special moments he had in his return to Nashville and the group’s run during the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs:

"My family was overwhelmed. To come full circle, and to go to a team that was really coming together, was special for us. The Predators had an easy group to fit into. We were so tight, and that was a big reason why we were able to have success."

Congrats on a fantastic career, Vernon! All the best in retirement!