Breaking: Veteran of over 1200 NHL games hints that his career may be over!

Shocking comments made on radio.

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A veteran of over 1200 National Hockey League games may be forced to retire prematurely due to his history with injuries.

While it's not official yet, comments published today on from New Jersey Devils forward Patrik Elias certainly make it sound like the Czech forward has set his mind on retirement despite his efforts to come back this season.

"I honestly think that maybe I would be capable of doing it, physically. But it's more for me now where I'm at mentally," Elias said during the interview. "Like I said, it's hard to explain. When you go through injuries and deal with certain things, it leaves you with maybe a little bit of doubt, but at the same time you start to realize there's something more for me after hockey."

The Devils have been extremely patient with Elias all season, and it seemed like from the very get go his intention was to return to action, but those closest to the situation including Devils play-by-play man Mike Loughlin have stated that it doesn't look like he is coming back.

Elias also said he doesn't want to return just to say he did, yet another indication that his NHL career is in fact over.

"I don't want to play just for the sake of playing," Elias said