Breaking: Wife of beloved NHL veteran destroys NHL GM.

Player's wife unloads on NHL general manager.

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The popularity of Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin has hit an all-time low but the latest news involving Bergevin may drive that down even further. 

Le Journal de Montreal recently had a chance to speak to one of Bergevin's former players, long-time National Hockey League and Montreal Canadiens veteran defenseman Andrei Markov who revealed he felt he was disrespected by Bergevin,

“As an athlete and as a person who spent 16 years of their life in Montreal, I’d have liked it if they had respected me,” said Markov as per Sportsnet's Eric Engels. “That’s all I was asking for from the team.”

While things like respect or a lack of it are largely subjective, if Markov's version of events are to be believed it certainly doesn't paint a pretty picture of how the Canadiens do business with their long-time players.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” added Markov. “There was practically no negotiations with Montreal. I got two or three offers from them and they said, ‘Either you sign or you don’t sign.’

“No one listened to me and no one wanted to listen to me. That’s what happened. So I had the choice to sign on their terms or to leave and find a new team.”

Markov was a beloved player in the City of Montreal and fans won't be very happy if they feel he was mistreated by the Hans organization. However things continued to get even worse for Bergevin from there. 

Markov's wife Sonya Sonechka did a very poor job of hiding her own animosity for the Canadiens GM, refusing to even speak his name. It sounds like she wanted to speak her mind, but her decision not to may have spoken even louder than any insults she may have hurled.

“Don’t even talk to me about him,” she said. “It’s a very delicate subject for me. I have my opinion on it, but I’m better off keeping it to myself."

Sonechka believes Bergevin forced her husband to leave his home and go play in the Kontinental Hockey League.

“The Canadiens were Andrei’s family and Montreal was his home. When people ask him where he’s from, he tells them he’s from Voskresensk (Russia) but his home is in Montreal.”