Brian Burke responds to Dougie Hamilton trade rumors in epic Burke fashion.

The Flames general manager wasn't very happy.

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You know the trade rumors are gaining a lot of traction when the team president feels the need to go on radio and publicly respond. 

Calgary Flames president Brian Burke was a guest on Leafs Lunch today and the motivation behind his appearance was abundantly clear, Burke showed up to emphatically deny the trade rumors involving his talented young defenseman Dougie Hamilton.

“So we told this team – and by the way, the offer they made was insulting," began Burke as per Nichols on Hockey. "So we told the team, ‘No, we’re not moving him and next time you have an idea that stupid, just save the quarter. Don’t go to the payphone.’

“That team started telling teams, ‘Yeah, we made an offer on Hamilton.’

“Now, it’s a rumor. It’s got legs, right. Someone’s like, ‘Well, they must be moving him.’

“We haven’t offered him to anyone. We don’t intend to move him."

It's an extremely strong denial from Burke but it's very difficult to tell if this is the Flames doing damage control after the rumors leaked to the public or if they are genuinely vexed at the fact that one of their core young players is dealing with a major and unfounded distraction.

There were reports from quality sources that the Flames were having talks involving Hamilton, and while it's possible that those talks fell apart since those rumors , you shouldn't be surprised if you hear more on this front during the regular season.