Broadcaster Jim Hughson angers hockey fans by comparing Matthews' and Kane's offseason troubles

That’s a pretty big yikes from Huey.

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Early in the third period of tonight’s season opener between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators, Sportsnet broadcaster Jim Hughson angered some hockey fans with his flippant comments about Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane.

It’s not exactly a secret that Kane has had his… indiscretions in the past… and Hughson made a ham fisted comparison between Kane’s indiscretions and Leafs’ superstar Auston Matthews’ offseason disorderly conduct charge. 

Kane, of course, was charged with a misdemeanour after bailing on a cab fare and then punching the driver in downtown Buffalo in 2009. More seriously he was the subject of a sexual assault investigation in 2015. Ultimately investigators concluded that the alleged assault was part of a large scale fabrication on the part of the accuser and Kane was never formally charged. Still… you don’t make those kind of comparison, Huey.

Check it out:

That’s… that’s a big yikes. 

UPDATE: It's entirely possible that Hughson was in fact referencing Kane's 2012 offseason when he managed to make headlines after getting near blackout drunk in downtown Madison, WI. Obviously this isn't the most proud moment for Kane, but it pales in comparison to an assault and an alleged sexual assault.

In any case, it's probably an unwise comparison for Hughson to make to begin with. Kane has done an admirable job of owning up to his poor decisions and pushing through to become a better person and player on the other side of his problems, but it's not the best decision to lump Matthews' choices in with Kane's.