Bruce Cassidy comments on his future in Boston.

He did a very god job as interim coach.

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With the Bruins now out of the Playoffs, a lot of attention is turned toward the coaching situation. Claude Julien was fired months ago, but Bruce Cassidy was still considered an interim coach. With the season now over, it's time to settle the matter for good. 

It would be hard to argue Cassidy didn't do a good job. He went 18-8-1 in 27 games after replacing a long time and victorious coach fired in the middle of the season. It was a bit rough at the start, but the Bruins had a very decent run at the end of the season. Their series against the Senators was intense and could have gone both ways easily. 

Knowing that, the upper management showed interest in keeping him as an official head coach. Nothing is solid yet, but it would be very surprising to see him go. 

When asked about the issue directly, Cassidy had this to say. 

“Well, now we’re making a lot of assumptions. That will be determined going forward by management … it’s a tough question to answer.”

But when asked if he wanted to be back, Cassidy had no doubt: “Absolutely, 100 percent.”

You see the guy is fired up and expects great thing out of the Bruins in the year to come!