Bruins sniper Pastrnak speaks out on Nylander contract holdout

The on-ice rivals have a strong off-ice friendship that’s clearly strained due to Nylander’s decisions.

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When Czech sniper David Pastrnak was embroiled in a contentious contract negotiation with the Boston Bruins during the 2017 offseason, there were serious rumblings that Pastrnak could find himself traded. Fans weren’t happy with Pastrnak’s demands and there it’s been speculated that the team at the very least floated his name in trade discussions to see what the return might be. In the end, Pastrnak signed a six year, $40 million deal worth $6.66 million per season and has been worth every penny for the team ever since.

It’s hard to think back on it now, but it wasn’t long ago that fans wanted Pasta shipped out of town. Well… that’s the situation that unsigned Toronto Maple Leafs forward, and Pastrnak’s good friend, William Nylander currently finds himself in. In Nylander’s case, the trade talk and the speculation surrounding his future is ten fold what Pastrnak experienced though, given that Nylander has missed a quarter of the 2018-19 season now.

Prior to tonight’s game between the Bruins and Leafs, Pastrnak took a bit of time to address Nylander’s hold out and to offer up some advice to his friend.

Check it out:

Pastrnak has no regrets re: contract: "If you (told) me when I was 15, I'd be playing for $6m a year (at)  22, I'd be like, 'I don't think you're saying the truth.' Just a dream come true. I'm happy for what I'm getting. I could be playing in Czech for a couple hundred a month."

You hear that, Willy? What is it all worth to you? You could be playing in Sweden for pennies or in the NHL for $6 million annually. 

Hopefully Willy is listening in and watching tonight’s game between the Bruins and Leafs… the clock is ticking with just four days left to sign before he risks missing the entire 2018-19 season.