Buffalo winger has suffered a pretty brutal injury


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The Buffalo Sabres aren't really having a great start to the season.

They found out they will be without another one of their top player for a significant period of time. 

Evander Kane will be out indefinitely with cracked ribs. He suffered the injury in the Sabres' first game against the Montreal Canadiens. He went down in the second period while racing for a puck. He and Habs' defenseman Alexei Emelin came together while going for the puck. Emelin gave Kane a small push while they were closing in on the puck and Kane lost his footing and went crashing into the boards. 

Kane right away seemed to be in pain as he was rolling around on the ice. At the moment of the impact, there were many speculations as to what type of injury he sustained. Now that we know what it is, seeing how he was reacting on the ice makes sense. It gives you an idea how fast and hard he hit the boards.

After such a shaddy offseason for Kane, this is definitely not the start to the season he wanted.