Calgary mayor responds to Flames relocation rumors!

Things could get ugly...

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Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi ensures that the city remains at the negotiating table for a new NHL arena even though the Flames have declared they’ve pulled the plug on talks.

The Flames say they are frustrated with “spectacularly unproductive” negotiations, according to team president Ken King. King has recently told the media that it’s clear that the city and the Flames organization don’t share the same vision for the project.

“I want to be clear about something. The city has always negotiated in very good faith here and we remain at the table, we remain ready to negotiate in good faith," Nenshi explained, as reported by CTV News

"Council understands the importance of the Flames to this city, we understand the importance of having the Flames downtown to this city. We worked very hard to come up with a deal that makes sense in this economy, without impacting people’s taxes."

The initial $890-million CalgaryNext project the Flames pitched two years ago included an arena, football stadium and field house built on the west side of downtown.