Calgary's Matthew Tkachuk deals some serious damage in his first career NHL game.

This kid was on a rampage last night.

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While all the hype last night was around the historic four goal debut of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Auston Matthews, and rightfully so I might add, there was another first round pick who also had a huge impact albeit in a very different fashion.

The meesage from Calgary Flames first round draft pick Matthew Tkachuk was a clear one, there is a new player in the battle of Alberta and he is not the least bit afraid to get down and dirty with his opponents, exactly what the Flames wanted when they drafted him.

Tkachuk not only injured Edmonton's Brandon Davidson with what looked like a slew-foot but he also had two very questionable hits delivered to both defenseman Adam Larsson as well as veteran defemsenan Kris Russell.

Needless to say how you view these things will be very different whether or not you cheer for Calgary or another team in the National Hockey League, but as far as the Flames are concerned Tkachuk did his job.

The Flames and Oilers play again this week, so it will be interesting to see if Tkachuk has to pay a hefty price for his actions in his NHL debut.

Image courtesy of the NHL.