Canadian singer Michael Buble calls 3 NHL stars “idiots.”

Some harsh words for the recording artist.

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There are 3 players in the National Hockey League who may not be very happy with Canadian recording artist Michael Buble right about now. 

This week the talented Canadian singer hosted a concert in Ohio, home of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and although I am not personally with Buble's music or his style of concert, word is that he has a tendency to pander to the crowd of whatever city he happens to be in. Now I'm sure that comes as relatively little surprise to anyone who has ever been to a concert before as this is a pretty common thing for musical acts to do, but what is not so common is when you pander to a crowd at the expense of someone else's name. 

That is exactly what Buble did this week as he allegedly trashed 3 NHL players during his show on Sunday. Now I'm not sure if the players named are familiar with Buble, after all if the 3 men are friends this good all be a well natured joke, or if this was merely a man trying to get some shine by insulting people who don't even know he exists. 

According to a report from Dave Maetzold, a rink side reporter for the Columbus Blue Jackets, who was presumably at the concert on Sunday night, Buble bad mouthed the 3 big free agents who left the Blue Jackets this summer. Those players are of course star forward Artemi Panarin, star forward Matt Duchene and star forward Sergei Bobrovsky. Now there would certainly have been polite ways to take a jab at those players without outright disrespecting them in front of hundreds, if not thousands, of people, but let us be clear that Buble did not take the high road here. 

“I know that Bobrovsky, Panarin and Duchene were idiots for leaving,” said Buble as per Maetzold's report. 

Those are some pretty harsh words for a Canadian singer that in no way has any ties with the Columbus market, and they shine in an even worse light if you assume, like I have, that he did this purely to earn brownie points with the crowd. I doubt any of the players who were insulted here will care enough about the comments of a singer to respond, but it certainly would be interesting to see them fire back.