Canucks COVID situation serious as some players become “very ill.”

Situation in Vancouver is looking bad.


The Vancouver Canucks have been hit hard by COVID-19 and although they are not unique in that regard when it comes to professional sports team's in North America, there is a feeling that this case may be different that the others we have seen before.

News broke this week when TSN's Farhan Lalji first reported that there were a number of positive tests expected to be announced by the Canucks, something that both the team and the National Hockey League have since confirmed. Early rumors suggested that as many as 9 different individuals had tested positive for a variant of the deadly virus, but on Friday it was revealed that even more positive tests would be forthcoming. Although there has not been any official confirmation on this front, there are currently rumors that suggest as much as half the Canucks locker room may currently be infected.

Things have also taken a darker turn here with members of the Canucks roster reportedly quite ill in some of these cases. Again Farhan Lalji was the first to break the news, and according to him some members of the Canucks have become "very ill," so much so in fact that, in some extreme cases, members of the team's medical staff have been forced to visit players in their homes in order to administer an IV treatment.

Although we have not received any official confirmation in regards to the numbers of players involved at this time, there are early signs that this is a particularly bad situation. Terry Jones reports that he has heard the numbers are now well into the double digits, something that would seemingly lend credibility to the rumors that suggest most of the locker room has been infected, and he also adds that this is unlike any faced by a professional sports team in North America so far. Jones even goes so far as to suggest that this could bring a halt to the Canucks season.

As of the time of this writing the Canucks locker room is believed to be dealing with a Brazilian variant of the COVID-19 virus, also known as the P1 variant. It is believed to be far more contagious, which could explain why it has spread so quickly through the Canucks locker room.