Canucks fans fly “Fire Benning” sign over downtown Vancouver

Well... nobody ever said Canucks fans aren't passionate!


Vancouver Canucks fans have a well earned reputation as being... how do I put this... well... they're quite a passionate fan base. 

In all seriousness, Canucks fans have earned a reputation for being quite critical of their team even in the best of times. The team's fanbase has a very strong "us against the world" mentality and they demand a lot from the team's players, management, coaches and even from the media covering the team. In short, Canucks fans are rabid. 

But today, Canucks fans took things to a whole new level.

Tired of team GM Jim Benning and his one step forward, two steps back approach, a group of passionate Canucks fans crowdfunded to have a plane fly a #FIREBENNING banner over downtown Vancouver and the team's home rink Rogers Arena.

Check this out:

It really does bring a tear to your eye... a thing of beauty.