Canucks fans very concerned after Pettersson's latest move

How we feeling, Canucks fans?


Vancouver Canucks superstar Elias Pettersson announced today that he changed representation, joining CAA hockey ahead of his contract negotiations this upcoming offseason.

Why is this such a big deal? Pettersson will now be represented by super agent Pat Brisson, an agent with a reputation for driving a hard bargain. Oh... and Brisson just happens to rep Canucks defenseman Quinn Hughes, as well. Brisson will be representing the Canucks two biggest stars this upcoming offseason. That... that has to be concerning for Canucks fans.

And indeed most Canucks fans online are concerned. And the concerns aren't so much that Pettersson or Hughes will go elsewhere, the concern is more that Brisson is absolutely going to milk Canucks GM Jim Benning for every dollar he can. Let's be honest here, Benning doesn't have the most stellar negotiating record. Sure, the guy is amongst the best scouts in hockey, but he has proven himself to be pretty inept when it comes to contract negotiations. In other words: Hang onto your butts, Canucks fans...