Carly Zucker has hilarious response to mention of her husband's love for “scoring”

And then another zinger when he’s pictured with a younger woman!

Carly Zucker has hilarious response to mention of her husband's love for “scoring”

Carly Zucker is not one to remain quiet when there’s an opportunity for a punchline. After all, the wife of the Minnesota Wild’s Jason Zucker does talk for a living. She hosts "Overtime", a radio show on KFAN, the first female-hosted program on that radio station in a decade. 

So when she sees an opportunity, she takes it, and a couple of recent tweets show just how funny, and self-deprecating, she can be. 

The Wild squeaked out a 6-5 victory over the Edmonton Oilers last night where Jason Zucker had a goal and an assist. Following his goal, The NHL’s Twitter account tweeted a gif of Zucker’s celebration with the question “How much do ya think Jason Zucker loves scoring?" It seems like Carly couldn’t help herself on that one. 

It is a pretty good set up, if we’re being honest. Check it out:

Following the Wild’s win, Zucker was interviewed by Carly’s co-worker at KFAN, Alexis Pearson. Minnesota's PR Twitter account tweeted a photo of the two talking. Pearson is, well, she's not hurting in the looks department, let's put it that way. Someone decided to tweet a picture of the two talking at Carly, with the caption “oh boy, look out Carly!” 

This prompted another great response from her, where she points out that she isn’t worried at all as her husband only likes older women. Check it out: 

You have to appreciate her sense of humour and her willingness to have fun at her own and her husband’s expense.