Catastrophic outdoor game between the Kings and Avs has angry NHL fans demanding refunds.

Fans are outraged.

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The National Hockey League has been hosting Stadium Series events every year now in an effort to continue to grow the game of hockey across North America, but on Saturday night the NHL may have actually lost themselves some fans due to just how poorly organized the entire situation was. 

According to reports from a huge number of fans that attended the game, both traffic and parking were an insane logistical nightmare, one that caused many fans who left home several hours in advance to miss the majority of the game. Some fans missed two full periods of play before they made it into the building, but even then things were still so bad outside that those very same fans made the decision not to stay for the festivities due to the fact that they would be headed back out into a traffic nightmare following the game. 

"I got up on the grass and parked my car on some dirt hill. It's insanity," said one fan as per ESPN. "I missed two periods. I missed [intermission performer] Sam Hunt. What are we paying for? I'm probably going to watch 20 minutes and head out because it's going to be just as chaotic leaving."

As a result of what can only be described as a catastrophic event for the National Hockey League some fans are now calling on the league to issue full refunds, something that could cost the NHL some major dollars given the cost associated with putting on one of these events. 

"They need to refund all the tickets," said Colorado Avalanche fan Jeff Carter.

"The outdoor game is an amazing concept. They need someone in charge that knows about parking and logistics. I've been to concerts at the Air Force Academy and never had any issue," said Lisa Kruse. "I love the Avalanche. I bought this ticket to see Sam Hunt, and I missed the concert. I will look for a refund. This was ridiculous."

It was not just the traffic or the parking that caused issues however, some fans had to deal with logistical nightmares once they made their way into the arena as well. The fans pictured below reportedly paid a staggering $350 for the seats that they got. Now you could justify the price tag of a seat at a Stadium Series game being that high, however as you will see in the image below for the quality of the seats these fans were treated to $350 is an absolutely outrageous price to charge.

Not a good event or a good look for the NHL.