Charges dropped against Auston Matthews

​Guess what? We can all move on.

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The disorderly conduct case appears to be history. 

Court filings in Scottsdale show the charge was dismissed on Wednesday, after Matthews and the female security guard who filed a complaint against the Maple Leafs star reached a settlement.

As you may remember, Matthews was charged with disorderly conduct this summer in Arizona after he harassed a female security guard in his building complex. Matthews and a group of friends attempted to open car door as she sat inside completing paperwork at 2 a.m. local time. This led to a confrontation between Matthews’ group and the guard during which Matthews allegedly pulled down his pants.

“On Nov. 13 the matter was settled between the parties and the criminal matter was dismissed,” a spokesperson from the City of Scottsdale’s communications department said, per the Toronto Star. 

This created a lot of havoc, especially for the Toronto Maple Leafs, when it was revealed that Matthews had not shared the incident with the team until it was made public by records. 

Matthews apologized once the charge became public.

Some will say the incident suggested that Matthews might not be the right fit for the team captaincy, which was given to John Tavares about two weeks later. Matthews was named an alternate captain.