Check out Frozen Fairways an incredible hockey-themed mini-golf course in Calgary

Even has a curling-themed hole!

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Check this out! Calgary's CF Market Mall has turned part of its parking lot into "Frozen Fairways" a Canadian themed nine-hole mini golf course complete with Candiana themes at each hole. Better yet? The traditional putter and golf ball have been replaced by a hockey stick and a puck.


Check it out:

From CF Market Mall:

Enjoy a Canadian twist on mini golf! Trade in your golf club and golf ball for a hockey stick and puck to play through 9 festive holes outside of CF Market Mall. Bundle up and get ready for some (safe!) outdoor fun with the family this holiday season - EH!
Enhanced safety measures are in place to ensure your visit is safe and comfortable. For everyone's safety, tee off times are booked through online reservations only.

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Unfortunately Frozen Fairways has closed for the season, but given the success that it had in just its one week of existence, there's pressure mounting from Calgary families for the Mall to run it throughout the entire holiday season.