Check out this incredible Islanders themed bedroom for 3-year-old boy

Cue the Pyajama Boy jokes

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Prepare to be extremely jealous of a three year old boy…

With a new sibling on the way, three year old Charlie Campbell’s parents Ashleigh and Keith were worried that the boy may not like having to move into his new room. So their solution? Deck it out from floor to ceiling in New York Islanders gear!

Check out Charlie’s new room completely with Stanley Cup banners, a rink bed and hockey puck drawer handles:

How cool is that!?

“My favourite part is the hockey sticks on the bed,” Ashleigh said to “[Keith] and I love Game of Thrones, so it’s got that kind of Iron Throne thing going there, but I also really love it because it’s sticks from three of my friends, so it’s not just like random sticks that I found in the trash. It’s kind of got an emotional connection to me.”

“As soon as we got the bed in there, he’s like, ‘This is my room, and the other room is the baby’s room,’” Ashleigh said. “I was like, ‘Good, we don’t have to worry about any of that.’ Mission accomplished.”

We love it. With the New York Islanders’ first round selection in the 2034 NHL Entry Draft, the team is proud to select… Charlie Campbell.