Coyotes' general manager Don Maloney reacts to conspiracy accusations.

Details inside.

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Arizona Coyotes' general manager Don Maloney said in an interview to Elliot Friedman from Sportsnet that he was "dumbfounded" by the accusations circulating about the John Scott trade and that it was a conspiracy so the rugged forward would be allowed to play in the NHL.

"We have (the maximum) 23 players on our roster. Someone had to go. When you look at our lineup, he made the most sense. To suggest that this was part of us not wanting him in (the) All-Star (Game), or to be working in the NHL ... I'm dumbfounded by that."

At the end of last week, TSN's Bob Mckenzie reported that both the Coyotes and the NHL asked Scott to bow down from the NHL' All-Star game, but the veteran player refused.

Maloney argues that he and Marc Bergevin from the Montreal Canadiens were talking about pulling the trigger after the All-Star break, but Maloney replay wanted Jarred Tinordi, now.

"We did (consider that), but things can change. What if someone else is interested? What if he gets hurt? You can't take the chance. We wanted Tinordi, we think our coaching staff can work with him."

John Scott was voted by fans as the captain for the Pacific division ahead of the Al-Star game, but everything seems very suspicious and it is believed that Gary Bettman himself asked for Scott to get traded.