Coyotes working on a deal to help prospect Mitchell Miller despite racially charged assault

The kid was recently outed for racially charged assault.

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This is a sad story all around. First and foremost, this is terrible for the victim, Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, who became the victim to Mitchell Miller, the player the Coyotes selected 111th overall in the 4th round of the 2020 National Hockey League Entry Draft, several years ago. Miller admitted in Ohio juvenile court that he had bullied the young black and mentally disabled teenager, who was repeatedly called things like “brownie”and the “n-word” by Miller. That was the verbal abuse. The physical abuse Meyer-Crothers was forced to endure takes this story to the next level. According to the report Miller and another boy wiped a candy push pop in a bathroom urinal at the school and proceeded to trick Meyer-Crothers, who again is mentally disabled, into licking it after they had wiped it in the toilet.

This is disgusting, almost just as much as the fact that no one from the Coyotes contacted the victim and his family to offer some support. 

Ever since Miller was outed, it has been demanded that the Coyotes and the NHL cut ties with Miller. However on Tuesday night, insider Darren Dreger reported “that the University of North Dakota and the Coyotes are working with Mitch Miller on making him apart of some kind of anti-bullying campaign.”

While this is not the hockey deal Miller would love to get if he had taught about his actions in the first place - even if he was 14 years ago - but we admit that this is a good way to teach the young man a valuable lesson and give him the chance to change his ways and become a better person. 

It has been revealed that several teams had crossed off Miller off their list of interesting prospects when he personally sent a letter to every team in the NHL prior to the draft admitting what he had done as a young man and showing contrition for his actions. 

We can only imagine that he would accept to take part in some kind of anti-bullying campaign. We only hope that he is doing his best to never repeat this appalling actions and most importantly hope that Meyer-Crothers is well, healthy and happy. 

This is a great piece to read on Meyer-Crothers: