Crosby gets brutally harassed for latest comments on White House visit!

Does the Pens' captain deserve all of this?!

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You would think Sidney Crosby would forever be a Hero in his hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Since his comments on the Pittsburgh Penguins attending the White House visit in October with controversial President Donald Trump, things have changed back home for the captain. 

According to Michael McDonald of the Canadian Press, Crosby has been harassed and badly criticized on social media and in the streets of Cole Harbour since his statement. Speaking of streets, some residents believe the NHL superstar does not deserve to get one named after him anymore. 

“Thank you Sidney Crosby for the helpful reminder of why it’s a bad idea to name streets and buildings for people prematurely,” said one resident. 

Another followed up with: “Find it difficult to support naming a street after Sidney Crosby after his decision to visit Trump.”

“Sidney Crosby is a bum just like Trump if he goes to the White House.... better stay there too," another wrote on Twitter. 

Although some fans support Crosby's choice, it is reminded in the article that racism in Canada is now being placed under the magnifying glass. 

“Crosby’s choice not to side with Black athletes should not be seen as representing the absence of racism in Canada. It is instead the exact face of ‘polite’ Canadian racism ... This is what racism looks like in Canada, where everything is so comfortable (for white people) and nobody can understand why those protesters have to be so rude about it.”

We have yet to be done hearing of this controversial situation!