Crosby’s kid sister pokes fun at his superstar status

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When you’re the sibling of an NHL superstar and you also happen to play the sport of hockey, it must be tough living life in the shadows. In the case of Taylor Crosby, younger sister of Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby, she’s making it clear that her elder sibling is really just her big brother.

Taylor plays goaltender for the St. Cloud State Huskies and a quick read of her athletic bio shows only a passing mention of her superstar lineage:

"Daughter of Troy and Trina Crosby of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia...Older brother Sidney also plays hockey."

How awesome is that? Understatement of the century! No word on whether Taylor included that line in her bio herself or if it was a goof by one of the college staff members, but it’s good for a chuckle nonetheless. 

All the best, Taylor. And, you never know, maybe one day we’ll be calling Sidney “the brother of star goaltender Taylor Crosby”.

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