David Pastrnak finally explains love tweet to Tom Wilson!

Someone got to the bottom of this!

David Pastrnak finally explains love tweet to Tom Wilson!

We finally know why Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak went viral on social media when he tweeted out that Washington Capitals’ tough guy and skilled player Tom Wilson was the best goal scorer in the league. 

It caught everyone’s attention and it was soon put out there that someone had stolen Pasta’s phone in order to tweet out this love note to Wilson. Pasta finally explained why he posted the tweet after the Bruins’ exhibition game on Thursday evening. 

“I just felt like it,” Pastrnak said according to the NHL’s Amalie Benjamin . “I wanted to say it. It was my opinion. Nobody hacked my Twitter. It was all me and it was my own fingers typed that in.”

Then, he revealed the REAL reason behind all this: 

“It was a little side bet with Tom from back in the day.”

Before the Capitals’ exhibition game against the Hurricanes, Wilson was also asked about the tweet. He had no comment, beyond saying “shenanigans have begun.”

The Caps managed to get the win in their exhibition contest against the Carolina Hurricanes on Wednesday. The Bruins fell 4-1 to the Columbus Blue Jackets yesterday, and Pastrnak scored Boston’s only goal. 

Finally, we get to know a little more about what’s taking place between rival players in the bubble. You have to admit it looks pretty fun!