Defenseman mired in trade rumors critical of his team's performance.

Harsh words from a defenseman rumored to be on the trading block.

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No one can blame a player for feeling a little more freedom to criticize his own team if he has been rumored to be on the trading block for months.

That's exactly what defenseman Cam Fowler did after another disappointing performance at home from his Anaheim Ducks, one that he clearly feels was not acceptable based on his description of events.

"We made things way too easy on them. At points in the game it looked like they were running a power play in our own end."

The Ducks were facing a tough opponent in defending Stanley Cup Champions the Pittsburgh Penguins, but Fowler seemed even more upset by the fact that the Ducks didn't show up to answer that difficult challenge.

"It's just a shame you know, you hope a team like that can bring the best out of you and we didn't have our A game tonight."

Fowler was even more disappointed by the fact that the Ducks have played poorly at home in two consecutive games, clearly feeling his team hasn't shown up for their home crowd.

"We're a team still trying to find ourselves a bit, but two stinkers in a row at home is not good for a team w/ high expectations."