Did Jim Montgomery get fired over sexual harassment or gambling scandal?

​Fans are demanding more details!

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An absolute bomb went off in the National Hockey League earlier on Tuesday when it was announced that the Dallas Stars fired head coach Jim Montgomery.

While the team made the statement that the dismissal took place after general manager Jim Nill got a call about something he called a “material act of unprofessionalism” by an employee, there are no additional details on the true reason behind his getting the boot. 

Which has prompted fans to speculate, of course. 

Nill made it clear that act did not involve current or past players of Monty, but was “against the value and standards of the Dallas Stars organization.”

“It is very clear this can not be tolerated,” Nill said. “And therefore we have relieved Jim Montgomery of his duties immediately. It is an honor and a privilege to work in the NHL, and there is a standard that we are held accountable to as an employee of the Dallas Stars organization.”

As team insider Sean Shapiro of The Athletic points out, “Nill was vague and didn’t divulge much during a roughly 10-minute press conference about the decision, stating he wouldn’t do that out of respect for those involved.”

These few details have pushed fans to believe that Montgomery could be involved in a sexual harassment scandal. Many wonder if an employee could have flagged an inappropriate conduct from the head coach, which would not be tolerated by the team. 

Other fans are stating that since Nill mentioned it was nothing of criminal nature, if it could be about gambling. 

Stars players themselves aren’t aware of the reason behind their former coach’s dismissal. Shapiro attempted to join Montgomery but has not responded. 

“A huge shock,” captain Jamie Benn said. “Definitely didn’t expect that one and still shocked. It’s pretty crazy that we are talking about this.”

Let’s hope that these detective-fans aren’t right about their speculations, which would be quite a mess for the Stars to handle at this crucial time of the season. The Stars are currently 17-11-3 as we approach the end of the first half of the calendar.