Diminutive Shark's prospect debuts in NHL camp.

The crowd LOVED him.

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These days, it seems all GMs are looking for the same type of player. Over 6'2'', over 190lbs at the draft, has to play physical and not fear a little rough play once in a while. Preferably, with high skills and agile hands. 

The Sharks wowed the hockey world by inviting to their camp the total opposite of this description with Sean Dhooghe. The diminutive 18 years old is barely 5'3'' and weighs a reported 138lbs. The kid has not been drafted yet and played through the U.S. national development teams. He's set to being his college career at the University of Wisconsin this year. 

He still got invited to the Sharks development camp and the crowd went nuts! 

It's all a feel good story, but the kid truly has amazing skills. His size might prevent him from reaching the NHL but he hasn't said his last words about it. He truly enjoyed the experience!

Good for him! Keep it up kid, you might go far!