Director of the NHLPA shares some great news with hockey fans.

Strong statement from the NHLPA chief.

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The head of the National Hockey League Players Association may have just given hockey fans back some hope where there seemed to be none.

While the general consensus on the likelihood of NHL participation at the Olympic Games is at an all time low, today executive director of the NHLPA Donald Fehr painted a very different picture than the one we have been hearing from the head executives at the NHL.

"I'm more optimistic now that I ever have been, at least as far as we're concerned, that we'll be able to reach an appropriate agreement with the IIHF to allow for the players to go," Fehr said as per ESPN's Pierre LeBrun.

"So I assume there will be further discussions over the course of the next several weeks and I choose to be optimistic on this one. We'll see.'"

Both NHL commisiioner Gary Bettman and his number two Bill Daly  have consistently repeated their unwillingness to pay for their players to participate at the Olympics, only time will tell which of these three men was singing the right tune.