Distasteful ad in Winnipeg featuring Scheifele and his hit on Habs’ Evans

This has people talking!


Let’s go back a few months. In the second round of the postseason, the Winnipeg Jets got swept in four games by the Montreal Canadiens and here’s nothing star forward Mark Scheifele could do about it…

Scheifele was suspended four games by the NHL Department of Player Safety for charging Habs forward Jake Evans in the third period of a 5-3 loss in Game 1. The Jets never got over his loss as the team’s offense dried up without Scheifele. 

The hit was very much talked about as Scheifele maintained that he was trying to prevent Evans from scoring in the empty net and that the young Habs’ forward was simply caught with his head down as he was not looking at the Jets’ superstar coming his way. 

Nevertheless, the Canadiens went on to the Stanley Cup finals, but eventually lost in five games at the hands of the repeating champions Tampa Bay Lightning. 

On Thursday, a fan posted on Reddit a new ad that was seen in Winnipeg on billboards on the side of the roads. It is quite cheeky as it features Scheifele himself reminding drivers to “keep the eye on the road, bud.”

He basically said the same thing about Evans after his controversial hit. 

 Fans got talking, saying that the add was distasteful. We bet it is going to fuel the rivalry between the Canadiens and the Jets this season…