Don Cherry claims Sportsnet “were after him”!

​Grapes is not done revealing what happened behind the scenes.

Don Cherry claims Sportsnet “were after him”!

November has been an intense month in the world of controversy with the many coaches’ controversies and the one that started the crazy second month of the 2019-20 season: the dismissal of Don Cherry by Sportsnet. 

As you know, Grapes was fired for making divisive comments about immigrants and newcomers to Canada who do not wear a poppy to show support for Canadian veterans.

Cherry said:

“You people … you love our way of life, love our milk and honey. At least you could pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada.”

Those words generated enough outrage online to the point where Rogers felt they had no choice but to dismiss Cherry from his job.

However, Cherry believes there was more to it. In an interview with  Sean Fitz-Gerald of The Athletic, Grapes claims the broadcasting network was after him before he made the comments. 

“I think that they were after me, if you want my true opinion,” he said. “That’s the way I feel about it. I don’t whine about it. I lost my job. I don’t have any income, and I don’t whine about it.
“I have no regrets. I’m still sailing along. And that’s the way it should be. I didn’t go out quietly, let’s put it that way.”

Fitz-Gerald maintains that “Cherry divided Canadians into groups. He hurt viewers.”

It sounds like Cherry might have been hurt in the process as well and needed to get this off in chest on Friday.