Don Cherry weighs in on Tom Wilson fine and non-suspension

Grapes sets the record straight!


Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson ignited an absolute firestorm last night when he absolutely rag dolled New York Rangers forwards Pavel Buchnevich and Artemi Panarin.

In case you missed it, here's what transpired:

As you might imagine, fans online were not happy with Wilson's transgressions with many calling for him to be banned for the rest of the season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The NHL Department of Player Safety tossed fuel onto the already raging social media fire by handing out a $5,000 fine to Wilson, forgoing a suspension. The majority of hockey fans have expressed their anger and frustration with NHL Player Safety given Wilson's light sentencing, but at least one hockey fan thinks it was too stiff of a punishment: Legendary broadcaster Don Cherry.

Cherry shared his quick opinion on the ruling calling it  "too much for too little" in his eyes. Cherry specified that he'd be clarifying his opinion on Monday's episode of the Grapevine Podcast.

I gotta say... I love Grapes... Hell I even love Tom Wilson, but this was some bush league BS from Wilson. He's a tough guy and I love that he plays the game the way he does, but last night's antics had nothing to do with the game of hockey. It was some WWE nonsense that has no place in hockey. I don't listen to every Grapevine podcast, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be tuning in on Monday to hear Grapes' thoughts.