Dramatic drone footage shows the horrifying collapse of SKK ice hockey stadium in St. Petersburg

One man lost his life.

Dramatic drone footage shows the horrifying collapse of SKK ice hockey stadium in St. Petersburg

A tragic event in Russia has cost one man his life and now we know exactly how it all went down thanks to some truly horrifying drone footage that capture the very moment at which everything went so terribly wrong. 

Late last month a 29 year old worker was killed when the roof of the Saint Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, also known as the SKK Ice Hockey Stadium in St. Petersburg, Russia, collapsed in on itself during demolition efforts. Given that there were men working on the roof at the time of the collapse I think it is safe to suggest that the roof was not meant to collapse when it did, and this has led to tremendous fallout in Russia, fallout that could have a major impact at the very top levels of both the Kontinental Hockey League and the Russian government. 

The demolition was taking place as part of the plans for the construction of a brand new facility, a arena that is expected to be built prior to the 2023 International Ice Hockey Federation's World Championship of Hockey, an event that Russia has won the rights to host that year. Although there has been no indication that this will impact Russia's successful bid to host the games, there is no question that a loss of life of this nature has put a very black mark on this new arena long before it has even begun to be constructed. There have been some reports suggesting that proper safety regulations were not being followed at the time of this incident, although those are unconfirmed at this time and I suspect that they will remain that way for the foreseeable future. 

In the drone footage below you can clearly see that there are two works on the site, one inside the crane and one working on the roof near a railing. As the roof begins to collapse the worker who remained on the roof makes a desperate run back to the crane that brought him there, but unfortunately as you can see in the video he does not make it back on time. This is a tragic loss of life and our thoughts go out to this unnamed worker and his loved ones at this time.