Drew Doughty received the worst gift possible!

​We wonder if there will be some tension between the two teammates…

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Los Angeles Kings defenseman Ben Hutton took a chance and got the best present ever to teammate Drew Doughty - or maybe the worst gift there is according to the spoiled blue liner. 

Last Christmas, Hutton picked Doughty as his secret Santa and wanted to surprised him with an unforgettable present. And one that got the attention of the everyone around the league. Hutton decided to tap into Doughty’s well-known rivalry with Calgary Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk and got him a signed stick from Doughty’s rival.

“I might be ruining it, saying this because he (Doughty) still doesn’t know it’s me,” Hutton said on The Athletic’s “Point Breakaway” podcast . “If he listens to this, he’ll know that for Secret Santa I ended up getting him a Matthew Tkachuk stick.

“It was signed by him and everything. I wrote a little message on it. He (Doughty) was going around the locker room trying to figure out who it was. None of the boys were snitching on me. So that was pretty good.”

The rivalry goes all the way back to Tkachuk’s rookie season in 2016-17, when he was suspended for two games for elbowing Doughty in the head. Since, the two have exchanged insults on numerous occasions.

Hutton also revealed Tkachuk was in on the gag. Despite the rivalry, the 22-year-old was willing to participate.

“I got our trainers to do it,” Hutton said. “We were flying to Calgary when we were doing (the Secret Santa gift exchange), so it just clicked in my head. I asked our trainers, and once they told (Tkachuk) who it was for, he was all for it.”

We wonder if there’ll be some tension now that Hutton has come clean or if they will have an impact on the rivalry.