Dubas refuses to give Babcock a vote of confidence

It’s going to be a loooooong offseason in Toronto. Is Babcock history?

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It’s locker room clean out day today at Scotiabank Arena following the Toronto Maple Leafs’ disappointing Game 7 loss to the Boston Bruins on Tuesday evening.

Typically, locker room clean out day is a day reserved for final meetings between players, coaches, management and the media. It’s a chance for all members of an organization to put their final words on the season that was and given the Leafs’ failings in a third straight post-season the spotlight was shining brightly on rookie general manager Kyle Dubas.

The biggest question hurled Dubas’ way was, “Will Mike Babcock be back next season?” To that, Dubas offered up a cryptic response, opting not to five his head coach a vote of confidence.

Check it out:

That’s certainly no ringing endorsement…

Babcock has been criticized heavily in the hours since Game 7 concluded, both for pulling goaltender Frederik Andersen with over three minutes left in a two goal game and for failing to play top players like Auston Matthews adequate minutes.


Safe to say that Babs isn’t exactly a popular guy in T.O. these days. Now fans are asking the question, “should the Leafs fire Babcock?” Or… do they even have to? There had reportedly been rumors around the league that Babcock has an “out clause” in his contract that would enable him to leave the team on his own volition. Not true though says NHL insider Pierre LeBrun. 

Check it out:

Well… so much for that theory…

Regardless, Babcock is an excellent NHL coach but he was thoroughly outreached by Bruce Cassidy yet again. At what point does Leafs management take a look at their options behind the bench?