Dubois benched for two periods, plays just 3:55 in loss to Lightning

Safe to say that things are getting ugly between PLD and Coach Tortorella.


Man, did you see Pierre-Luc Dubois tonight?

Oh... you didn't?

Well, I guess you just weren't watching the Columbus Blue Jackets' bench close enough. Because that's exactly where you would have seen the disgruntled sniper for the majority of his team's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning this evening. Dubois, who has demanded a trade out of Columbus, played just under four minutes (3:55) in the first period of the game and... zero minutes and zero second the rest of the evening.

That's right.

Coach John Tortorella benched his star player for the final two periods of play.


And you know what? Can you blame him? 

Does this look like a guy who is interested in helping his team win?

That video was taken in the second period after Dubois had gone through a 20 minute stretch of not playing.

Oh... and this was the guy's final shift of the game. Watch the top right corner and see just how disinterested he is in winning a puck battle:

Time to face the music, right?

Wrong... this guy is such a weasel...

Look, I'm a big fan of Dubois when he's on top of his game, but with the way he's playing this season and with the scene that he has caused in Columbus he's not making any friends.