Eighty-percent success rate

He gets better every game!

Eighty-percent success rate

A pest in the beautiful game of hockey tends to get under one’s skin, and throw them off their game plan. A better pest is one who knows how to not only get under one’s skin, but can also play hockey well.

The best pest in a hockey game? Brad Marchand. Many hate him, but all wish they can play alongside him. And if you’re a fan of hockey, you’d want him in your team. At least you picked him in your hockey pool (hopefully you made the right decision!).

Yesterday, when the Bruins faced the Florida Panthers, Brad Marchand was awarded a penalty shot, and he capitalized the only way he knows how: score the goal. He has an 80-percent success rate in his penalty shots so far in his career, netting four out of five attempts.

Yesterday also happens to be his 300###sup/sup### career point. And he still has many years to give the Bruins.

Watch his shot below!