Evander Kane's wife unloads after he accuses her of being 'mentally unwell.'

Things are getting even uglier.


The Evander Kane saga is ongoing and, if this is any indication of where this is headed, things may get much uglier before the dust has settled on this situation.

The estranged wife of Evander Kane, Anna Kane, has now responded to statements published on Sunday morning by the National Hockey League star and at this point I think she is done holding back. A seemingly furious Anna has now published two more photographs via her Instagram and both of them once again contain damning accusations against Evander.

In the first image Anna rebukes Evander's attempts to claim that he does try to see his daughter, going so far as to mock him for trying to "FaceTime" their child who is too young to even understand what FaceTime is. She also claims that he is currently unable to do so because he is spending time in Europe with Mara Teigan, a model that Kane has been linked to romantically in the past. 

Here is what Anna said, unedited and in full, in the first screenshot:

Try to see your daughter? From Europe when your with @marateigen ?

Or try to FaceTime her on your schedule when she’s napping or when she’s playing and she has no idea what FT is.
What about this.
You can afford hotel rooms in Europe but not in San Jose to see your daughter who is so important to you.
I also offered to completely leave our home for a week or two. In our text messaged so you could see her but you chose to go party and gamble. I wish I had accrss to the press like you do,
Keep lying.

Anna was not done however. In the second image she published to her Instagram she once again addressed Kane and Mara Teigan but this time she included some rather embarrassing correspondence, given the current circumstances. Anna showed off a large amount of mail from Casino's around the state of California, clearly an attempt to showcase just how out of control Evander's gambling has become.

Here is the statement that accompanied the screenshot, again unedited and in full:

So why would these random casinos send these to our house? Oh maybe cuz on off days he would drive or fly to casinos to gamble - try to count cards and hustle the casino.
Have fun Mara he will prob scam your money to lose it. Since he has nothing

These latest outbursts from Anna Kane no doubt come as a direct result of the statements made by Evander on Sunday morning. Kane, against the advice of his attorney's, took to social media to harshly criticize his 'mentally unwell' and 'soon to be ex wife', and no doubt that prompted an already furious Anna to get even angrier. 

All of this stems from the damning accusations Anna Kane published on Saturday, where she openly accuses her husband of match fixing games in the National Hockey League for the book keepers that he was allegedly gambling with. Those are very serious accusations and the NHL has already announced that it is aware of them and will be looking into the matter fully

Stay tuned for more, this appears to be far from over.