Evgeni Malkin’s wife wants him to leave the Penguins!

Will she find a way to get her way?!

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If Evgeni Malkin’s wife were her agent, she would want him to leave the Pittsburgh Penguins to play for another team in the National Hockey League. 

Anna Kasterova made the shocking revelation in an interview with the Russian site Sport-Express, saying that Geno has been playing in the shadow of Sidney Crosby inPittsburgh and that he would be considered the best player in the world if he played with other club. 

“When Sid gets injured, Evgeni becomes number one. Have I ever wondered what would happen if he was the only one on the team? Without Crosby he would likely be number one in the entire hockey world given his talent and intelligence. If he were the team’s first center and captain, he would have no equal. I try to be objective. Everyone plays for their captain, because everyone has to support him. When Sid was injured and he missed more than a month, Evgeni had the club on his shoulders and that’s how his stats got better. Pittsburgh almost never lost in that time. It was the highest level hockey, which proves once again that it is at the top. If he consulted me, I would like to move to one of the most beautiful cities where he could lift the team. He would probably say no. If he wins a fourth Stanley Cup, it will happen in Pittsburgh. It’s a great atmosphere with the management, the coaching staff and the whole team, which is very important. Pittsburgh has it all. They love him there, and he likes it too. " -  Anna Kasterova

Cleary, Malkin has made it clear to his wife that he wants to stay In Pittsburgh, with Crosby. 

And we bet Penguins fans will be relieved to hear this!