Fans grow terribly worried about Jonathan Toews’ health

Latest news on the Hawks’ captain reveals why fans need to get an update. You agree?


The Chicago Blackhawks were in hot water last month when they were accused of knowing more about Jonathan Toews’ condition and not sharing it with the public. You all know how shocking it was this offseason when the captain  announced that he couldn’t report to training camp and is out indefinitely due to a medical issue. In a December statement released by the Hawks, he said he had been “experiencing symptoms that have left me feeling drained and lethargic.’’ There is no timetable for his return. Earlier in February, the Hawks came under fire as they faced accusations that they were hiding information on Toews’ health status. Following a swarms of unfounded rumors on social media that the team knew more about Toews and why he couldn’t play, the Blackhawks responded to the chatter by insisting that the circumstances of Toews’ medical absence remain the same as before.

“I don’t have any update on Jonathan,” GM Stan Bowman said per the Chicago Sun Times last week. “And when I say this, I mean it: It’s not like we have additional information that we’re holding back. All we know is he’s not ready to play right now.”

Ever since this controversy arose, the Hawks and hockey insiders have been trying to communicate more updates on Toews’ condition and recovery, however, it remains confusing and vague. Fans don’t know nothing about Toews and finally on Friday, Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun-Times said what’s been on everyone’s mind: “No, we don’t have a right to know what’s wrong with Jonathan Toews. But …”

In his article, Morrissey is very respectful of Toews’ privacy and the fact that he wouldn’t want people to be intrusive on his personal life. However, he played devil’s advocate and explains why fans want to know how worried they should be and where to direct their worry.

“And, because of the hush from Toews, the rumors are all over the place about the mystery ailment, adding to the sense of concern and foreboding.
Fans want to know what’s wrong, not because they’re intrusive by nature, but because he’s Toews. Because they’ve spent 13 seasons with him. Because they love what he stands for. Because he’s one of them.”

Morrissey does remind fans that Toews has always been private : “he hasn’t asked Chicagoans to be part of his life. He hasn’t had a million endorsement deals off the ice. He’s not Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, both of whom knocked on our doors with products to sell and then demanded privacy when we asked about their lives.”

However, he maintains that “being a star athlete means giving up some of your private space” and understands if some fans will say: “Yes, I understand all that. But I’ve paid good money to watch him play year after year, money that has gone into his pocket. Would it hurt to get an update?”

As he concludes his article, which is likely to get bad criticism, he believes it would be in Toews’ best interest to give an update on his condition. However, the most important part remains that Toews is recovering and can get better to live his life. 

What do you think of Morrissey’s take? To read his full article, click here