Fans rank their confidence in the management of all 32 NHL clubs

Where does your team rank?


You know, there are only 32 National Hockey League teams on Earth, and millions across the world have pledged their allegiance to one (or perhaps more for the fickle fan) of those clubs.

And just as it is with any professional sports franchise, there will be varying levels of confidence that fan base has in the way their preferred team is ran. Naturally, there will always be teams that have enjoyed greater success than others, leaving fans of other not-so-great teams with an understandable case of envy. 

The Athletic recently polled hockey fans from far and wide regarding how they're feeling in their team's management as we approach the 2021-22 NHL season. And it certainly can't be a surprise to anyone that the reigning 2-time Stanley Cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning clock in at first on the list. I mean, when you win two consecutive titles, you're doing something right. 

Meanwhile, for the rest of us who are pining for a chance for our team to taste the sweet fruits of victory sometime within a decade (or perhaps in the century), there still remains more than a few bugs to be worked out with how our teams are operating. And some of the results may be a bit eye opening, as more than one team that round out the top 5 results would have found themselves in the basement of this polling as recently as a decade prior.

Take a look at where each team finished in fan confidence of management after over 17,000 votes were tallied: 

1. Tampa Bay Lightning

2. Colorado Avalanche

3. Detroit Red Wings 

4. Florida Panthers

5. New York Islanders

6. Winnipeg Jets

7. Los Angeles Kings

8. Boston Bruins

9. Carolina Hurricanes

10. New Jersey Devils

11. Minnesota Wild

12. Vegas Golden Knights 

13. St. Louis Blues 

14. Washington Capitals

15. Dallas Stars

16. Columbus Blue Jackets

17. Montreal Canadiens

18. Toronto Maple Leafs

19. Seattle Kraken

20. Pittsburgh Penguins 

21. Ottawa Senators 

22. Philadelphia Flyers 

23. New York Rangers

24. Calgary Flames

25. Chicago Blackhawks 

26. Anaheim Ducks

27. Nashville Predators

28. Edmonton Oilers

29. Vancouver Canucks 

30. Arizona Coyotes 

31. San Jose Sharks

32. Buffalo Sabres