Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters now selling Gritty t-shirts

It’s official, Gritty merch now available at a mall near you.

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If there’s one positive that can be taken from the Philadelphia Flyers’ 2018-19 season, it’s the arrival of team mascot Gritty.

In a season where the Flyers have fired both their general manager and head coach, Gritty has been the lone bright spot. The NHL’s newest mascot has taken the league by storm and went viral from the moment he debuted. He’s been on Good Morning America and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and now mall retailer Urban Outfitters has immortalized the big, fuzzy orange weirdo with his own t-shirt.

Check it out:

Hmmm… $36 for a plain white tee with a Gritty print? As much as I love Gritty, that’s a hard no from me.