Fight of the year candidate on Saturday night!

What a scrap!


The Montreal Canadiens welcomed the Buffalo Sabres to the Bell Center on Saturday night.

The game proved largely uneventful, and described as some as a "snooze fest", but one particular moment in the game woke people up in an effective manner.

Ex-Hab Josh Gorges laid a vicious late hit on former roommate Brendan Gallagher, and Canadiens' defenseman Jordie Benn wasn't about to just let it slide.

What made this fight so great was the pure resilience by both players. Throwing that many punches is absolutely draining, but they go on and on. Benn's defensive technique - using his forearm and elbow to block oncoming punches - was a staple of former enforcer Rick Rypien's arsenal.

Kudos to Sportsnet for the music overdub.

Kevin Weekes of dubbed this the fight of the year.