Fire sale coming to Edmonton?!

Is this the ultimate solution?

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The Edmonton Oilers might have won 4-3 in overtime over the New York Islanders last night it might have not been enough to convince interim GM Keith Gretzky to stand pat at the deadline. 

While Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson made it clear during the press conference following the dismissal of Peter Chiarelli that he would not trade his first round pick for quick fixes, barely anything was said about moving roster players in order to fix the future… 

Now TSN’s Darren Dreger believes the Oilers might move some key pieces to get interesting returns prior to Monday afternoon. He believes that forward Alex Chiasson, and possibly gritty forward Zack Kassian could bring help to the Oilers. 

“Yeah, I think they’ll get more for Chiasson,” Dreger told TSN Radio 1260 Edmonton. “I believe that the ask is pretty high. I think it’s a second-round draft pick or a pretty decent prospect or, if you want to be creative, I suppose you could find a way to maybe add both in that package.
“But I don’t think that the Oilers have written off the idea of potentially extending Chiasson either. That has to be considered. But given the situation that the Oilers as an organization are in, Chiasson is likely going to fetch the highest return among the players that you’re willing to trade. If they were willing to consider any of the bigger boys like Darnell Nurse, they’d knock it out of the park. They’re not doing that, we can understand why.
“But in saying everything I’ve said about Chiasson - I believe he’s going to fetch the most return - there is a market for Zack Kassian. Teams like the fact that he’s not a bad skater. He obviously has that gritty element to him, and he’s going to be highly motivated as a playoff performer if given the opportunity.
“So they do have a couple of pieces in play that could bring some return.”

Chiasson, who is in the midst of a career-year, with 17 goals and 27 points, has playoff experience and won a Stanley Cup with the Washington Capitals just last year. He could be brought in by a contender and get the Oilers a decent return.