Flames: Johnson's new policy at the center of his succes?!

Maybe that's the reason behind the Flames recent succes?!

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Alcohol encouragement.

Perhaps, that’s been the secret ingredient to the Calgary Flames’ turnaround?

It all started a month ago when Chad Johnson recorded his first shutout in a Flames uniform. A 27-save performance which led his team to a 1-0 victory that ended a 4-game losing streak. Soon after, Johnson showed up at the rink with a bottle of wine for each of his defencemen.

2 more shutouts later, everybody on the team received a wine bottle, even a few guys from the staff.

Here's what Johnson told the CalgarySun during his interview.

“It’s just something I wanted to do to say a little thank-you to the team,” Johnson said. “In our position, you get credit as a goalie for things but we’re so influenced by how the team plays in front of you. It’s not like there are five (opponents) just shooting on us. There are five guys in front of us, helping you defend, doing things, and they can make it harder on you or easier." 

“So shutouts are really a team thing. The goalie obviously gets recognition for that, but I’ve always felt I wanted to do something to kind of say thank-you to all the guys. I gave it to the D the first time and the forwards kind of complained that they didn’t get it. I was going to give it to the forwards the second time, which I did. Then back to D the third."

“Hopefully the wine was nice enough that they’ll keep playing hard in front of me.”